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ERP solution for a multi-layered data migration

Client ProfileMobile technology firm with headquarters in Boston, MA

Business ChallengeA leading global provider of mobile workforce solutions needed to migrate customer data to a central depository. The historical data consisted of thousands of rows of information that was highly sensitive, including contract and billing information. The data, which was being hosted on multiple legacy systems, needed to be reviewed and cleansed prior to the migration to NetSuite, a new SAP solution, and needed to be done without interrupting daily business activity.


Project Overview

  • LABUR worked with the client to evaluate the migration process and protocols, initiate migration, analyze data sets and run parallel tests between NetSuite and the legacy systems. 
  • LABUR assessed data to be migrated, potential risks to data loss and data mapping in order to cleanse and validate data in the new ERP. 
  • At the project’s peak, LABUR assigned five (5) data analysts to oversee the migration. They escalated issues to the technology team and followed up with additional testing.
  • LABUR provided an expert-level financial business analyst to configure an application that helped end users be more efficient while eliminating errors.
  • LABUR consultants also verified that all sensitive data was kept confidential and in useable form, and ultimately enabled the client to conduct business activities more efficiently, including contract renewals and billing.


Delivered Results

LABUR provided the onsite expertise to safely migrate data to a new ERP without impact to the daily business activity of the client, and without compromising sensitive information found within the data. The end result saved the client time, lowered costs and improved efficiencies.