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Boston-based financial services firm gets ahead of AML initiatives

Client Profile

International financial services firm

Business Challenge

An international financial services firm needed an anti-money laundering (AML) leader to oversee and train a new staff on international AML policies and procedures to be compliant and get ahead of future money laundering efforts.

Project Overview

  • AML leader of a new lean team overseeing 100+ hedge fund clients
  • In excess of 5,000 new investors were reviewed in 12 months by the newly created team
  • Hands-on training of staff and others on the AML policies and procedures. Trained the team on how to authorize investors without needing to reach out to the investor and/or client unnecessarily for authorization
  • Developed training on improving the customer service experience with the firm
  • Transfer agent operations leader for 15+ hedge fund clients for one of the premier hedge fund administrators

Delivered Results

LABUR effectively sourced the high level AML leader for this initiative, in addition to fulfilling several other requirements with associates that handled processing, analysis and operations support. Following these successful consulting engagements, some associates were converted to full-time employees for the client and remain on as an integral part of the project work.