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MLK Summer Scholars Luncheon

MLK Summer Scholars Luncheon
MLK Summer Scholars Luncheon with Boston Partners in Education

LABUR’s Darrin Lang participated in the MLK Scholar’s Luncheon at Liberty Mutual on July 20. The luncheon gave board members of Boston Partners in Education the opportunity to meet the MLK Summer Scholars – 3 Boston high school students, working with Boston Partners in Education during their summer vacations. The scholars were able to meet with Boston professionals, learn about the corporate world and share with the board why they are participating in the MLK Summer Scholars program.

The luncheon was one of many events that gives the Summer Scholars a chance to learn about Boston’s corporate community. The summer program also provides students the chance to build meaningful relationships with other youth as well as volunteers, while learning valuable life skills.

Looking to get involved with Boston’s youth? Boston Partners in Education and the MLK Summer Scholars Program are always open to new volunteers. Get involved with Boston Partners at and with the MLK Summer Scholars program at