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Color of Change


This year has been a tumultuous one to say the least. While we’ve all had to navigate the realities of working from home during the pandemic, many of us have also felt the burden of a particularly charged election year. Of course, this year has also seen the fight for criminal justice reform gain significant momentum following the unjust death of George Floyd in May.

For us at LABUR, team communication is paramount, especially during these challenging times. To address the social and racial injustices we are all witnessing today, we started by coming together to talk about what was going on. What started as a team roundtable quickly turned into a brainstorming session on how we could take a more active role in the fight against racial injustice. While these issues were not new, even if they had become a larger part of the social consciousness, we all needed to do more and to acknowledge that to not take action was to tacitly consent .

We knew we had to do something and, as the ideas began to take flight, it became important to us that we could do this together, even in quarantine. I personally felt compelled to make a financial contribution, and to maximize the impact of the donation, which inspired me to reach out to LABUR co-founders Darrin Lang and Seth Burr with the idea of a matching program for team donations. After some coordination and researching organizations, we decided on Color of Change as the recipient. Color of Change is the nation’s largest online racial justice organization and leads powerful and wide-reaching campaigns that address issues related to criminal justice, culture change and media justice, voting freedom, justice in technology, white nationalism and economic justice.

I am incredibly proud to have been able to work with the whole LABUR team on this critically important initiative. As a recent college grad and relatively new hire, I was floored by the team’s motivation, generosity and willingness to support my idea. With the matching donation from LABUR, we were able to contribute a total of $1,745 towards Color of Change. It’s an amazing organization and I’d encourage anyone looking to make an impact to donate themselves.