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Driving Change in Boston: Pamela Civins


It’s been a pleasure to get to serve as a Board Member for Boston Partners in Education under Pamela Civins.

This December, she will be departing the organization, but I couldn’t let the announcement go without sharing how much she has meant to me personally and the impact she has driven across all of Boston.

Pam, your enthusiasm and dedication is infectious, and your ability to build partnerships across the community has proven invaluable. Under your leadership, our volunteer outreach has expanded exponentially and retention rates have improved across the board. Not to mention, the consistent fundraising stream that now comes into Boston Partners and benefits the Boston Public Schools because of your efforts.

You are the consummate example of the impact community advocacy can have, with a little can-do attitude, innovation and relentless dedication. Undoubtedly, Boston, especially our school system here, is better because of you.

I know you will do tremendous things in your next venture, and I wish you all the luck in the world as you step out to do more great things. Thank you so much for all you’ve done for me, Boston Partners, Boston Public Schools and the entire Boston community. You will be missed!