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Today – February 8, 2021 – is National Boy Scout Day, and we are celebrating by highlighting the scouts on the LABUR team. Scouting organizations, like the Boy Scouts of America, have served as an invaluable resource for education and personal growth for young people for over a century. Boy Scouts strive to follow the scout oath, a promise to be trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, kind, thrifty and brave, among other traits. We have always sought to prioritize many of the same points, both as an organization and as a team, so it is no surprise that the LABUR family includes a good number of Boy Scout members. 

We asked a handful of our own Boy Scouts to tell us what the scouting experience has meant to them – you can read their responses below. We have also uploaded a collection of favorite Boy Scout photos from over the years to the LABUR Facebook and Instagram pages. Be sure to check them out! 

“What has the Boy Scouts meant to you?” 

  • Seth Burr, COO & Co-Founder. “Be prepared. Kind, courteous, reverent. Boy Scouts provided me with a basic foundation to grow as a person, and knowledge that continues to help me today. My parents shared a similar foundation, which helped to shape me and bleeds into what we do now as a family. Similarly, seeking out like-minded professionals has helped us to grow the LABUR team while keeping those values at the core of what we do. I believe we need more organizations that promote youth involvement and help shape us in positive and productive ways.” 
  • Ken Burr, Associate. “For me, scouting was a source of great, unforgettable life experiences. It instilled in me a strong sense of collaborative teamwork and loyalty, and I was able to make friends that I stay in touch with to this day.” 
  • Adam Burr, Associate. “Scouting taught me to be prepared for any type of situation and provided me with valuable skills to do so. But more than that, it helped to build character, be a better person/teammate and look out for those who are less fortunate.” 
  • Matt Leathers, Practice Lead. “Scouting let me see and do things that I otherwise wouldn’t have been able to. I helped build a bridge to cross a 30-foot river, went wild caving (which was terrifying), canoed and rafted several times, camped in snow and learned how to do those things with scouts who all had different personalities and backgrounds. These experiences helped me learn how to work hard, treat others with kindness and that the three seconds rule is law.” 
  • Jack Lawhorn, Marketing Associate. “Boy Scouts was a powerful experience for every scout I know. I learned to work more independently than I ever had before, as well as how to work collaboratively with people of different ages, backgrounds and personalities. Though working towards the next advancement was often frustratingly slow – especially once we reached the later years of high school – I’m proud to have achieved the rank of Eagle Scout and to have helped others do the same just as they helped me.”