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Life at LABUR

New Year, New LABUR


The LABUR family is looking forward to a great year in 2021, and we’re already hard at work tackling our New Year’s resolutions. Here are the work goals and new personal priorities that the LABUR team – from LABUR co-founders Darrin Lang and Seth Burr to a few our 2020 new hires – has set for themselves in the new year.

Darrin Lang, CEO & Co-Founder. “My main business goals for 2021 are to convert 120 contacts from targets to opportunities and to sell $1.5M in Advisory Services work. Outside of work, I want to keep prioritizing physical fitness and use the Peloton app 300 days out of the year for at least 20 minutes per workout.”

Seth Burr, COO & Co-Founder. “One of my biggest goals and opportunities in 2021 and beyond is to put worry in its proper bucket. By concerning myself only with the present and what is within my control, I hope to embrace the now and be more grateful and in the present.”

Nick Regan, Associate. I hope to continue streamlining aspects of our work by launching 10 new automatons in Q1 of 2021. I’ll also be devoting 30 minutes to something active, five times per week.”

Ken Burr, Associate. “I am looking to keep myself healthy and happy by doing more exercising and reading, and by enjoying more time with family now that we have moved closer to relatives.”

Adam Burr, Associate. “I plan on devoting an hour to daily planning and half an hour to fitness each day.”

Ryan Soucy, IT Manager. “I will be exercising at least 20 minutes per day, 4 days per week throughout 2021. My goal is to complete 200 workouts throughout the year.”

Jack Lawhorn, Marketing Associate. “My main goal is to be better about staying in touch with friends and family I haven’t been able to see because of the pandemic. I’m looking forward to having more movie nights and game nights throughout 2021!”

Bob Dunakin, Associate. “I resolve to ramp up my social media game in order to connect with and help more people on their career journey.”

Owen Juros, Junior Associate. “I am going to start cooking at least one meal from scratch every week.”

Matt Leathers, Senior Advisor. “I will be reading physical books before bed instead of reading on my phone, starting with The Expanse series which I received as a gift. Like many of us, I’m also putting a priority on exercise by getting active five times per week (my Apple Watch is not impressed with my lack of discipline). Finally, I want to call an old friend or colleague to reconnect at least once a week.”