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What the SIA ‘40 Under 40’ Recognition Means to Me


To be recognized by a staffing and workforce authority like Staffing Industry Analysts was a huge honor, and an out of body experience for me.

In case you missed it, you can read my profile and see the full ‘40 Under 40’ list on the Staffing Industry Analysts’ website. 

I’m the behind the scenes guy, and I’m happy to be there, so to be recognized in such a public way for the work and progress LABUR is making in the industry was very surreal.

I’m also more than proud to be put in the same category as the influential leaders that adorn this list. A big congratulations to everyone on there! I hold you all in very high regard, and I’m looking forward to continuing to watch all of the great things this group is doing – in their individual businesses, and for the industry as a whole. Keep charging!

I can’t speak for everyone, but the SIA ‘40 Under 40’ recognition means to me that our firm’s impact is expanding.

Darrin and I started LABUR because we enjoy the opportunity to influence how people attain success. And the people I work with make that an easy goal to realize. Without them – their drive and wont to tackle hard challenges, daily – I would not be in a position to receive this recognition. Their commitment to honesty, exceptionalism and the betterment of themselves and those around them is what inspires me the most. The pursuit of excellence and drive that all of my team members have is also what allows me the fortune to focus on my job. They’re good at theirs and it allows me to be decent at mine. By overseeing and aligning technology and strategy for LABUR – so that we can stay ahead of the curve in the industry and provide the best service and experience to our clients and to our consultants – I hope to deliver on the promise that Darrin and I made, and that is to contribute to the success of everyone we’re in business with.

Relationships have always been and will continue to be the backbone of LABUR.

The ‘40 Under 40’ list for me also marked a milestone in the services we are providing. We started out small and with a broader approach, but have since then honed in on our sweet spot. Because of our strong understanding of operations, finance and technology, we bring strategy and process to talent acquisition and resource planning in a way that nobody else does. Our approach is a holistic one, and it’s driven by the big picture and the understanding of everything that goes into that. With the convergence of the talent market, the economy and technology, it’s never been so crucial to get right. As a team, we very much appreciate and thrive on the significance of offering valuable solutions on such vital challenges, and I know I can speak on behalf of everyone at LABUR when I say we recognize the importance and weight of our roles and responsibilities in that.

Talent acquisition and resource planning is an integral piece of the foundation of any successful company, and being a critical, value-add resource to our client companies is something we all really enjoy – and we’re good at it, if I do say so myself. We’ve come a long way over the last nine-plus-years in business, but I know in a lot of ways, we are just getting started.

As a company, we also understand that technological innovations are changing the world and most every industry – ours included – at an exponential pace. Leading the foray with incessant disruption (via innovation and creativity) is a LABUR way of life, and I for one am looking forward to where it takes us.

I also have to mention the entourage of sage and altruistic business advisors I’ve been so blessed to come by in my career. They allow me to ask myriad of questions, and provide me with the platform to raise concerns and challenges so that I’m able to be the best resource to LABUR and to our clients. Despite the fact that sometimes my questions are not always articulated quite as well as I think they are in my mind, they still encourage me. They push me to be better and allow me the privilege to always be learning from them. Without this trusted, realistic soundboard, LABUR, and I, would not be where we are today – or where we are headed. So, thank you: Julia, Roger, Chuck, Bro, Randy, Ron, Steve, Paul and last but the opposite of least, Darrin. I am proud to be in your company.

My position as the COO of LABUR has lead me to places I never thought imaginable, the ‘40 Under 40’ list being one of them. As a company, we are committed to ensuring the continued development of the most innovative solutions in the white glove workforce ecosystem. Personally, I am committed to all of the relationships that go into that. To the external client and consultant partners of LABUR, and to the internal leadership that is being groomed and grown organically every day – this is a tribute to all of you.