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Worth the Drive


Every Monday, my commute from Falmouth to Boston for the work week begins at 4:30 a.m. By bus, by train or by car, it’s a drive I have been making for decades, but it’s one that I consciously choose to make each and every week.

The 70 or so miles might not be enough to deter some people from attempting to make the commute every day, but for me it’s a personal sacrifice I make to be present when I’m home and dedicated to work when I’m not.

When I first started LABUR with Seth nearly 10 years ago, we started out knowing we would one day have office space in Boston but our first stop was directly off each of our living rooms – in home offices. After having been a top sales producer for a national publicly traded firm, not only was I well-accustomed to working in Boston but I was used to the travel. Making the switch to a short shuffle across my own house was the abnormality but I’d be remiss not to mention that it was nice to have dinner with my family every night of the week.

Working remotely from home was a nice change of pace from the daily commute for a little while, but what we’re building in Boston is what wakes me up every Monday – usually right around 3:30 a.m. – and what makes it all worth the drive.

LABUR is built on being present – physically, yes, but mentally also. We are lifelong learners, and know we will never have all of the answers, but that’s part of what fuels us. That dedication, to continuous improvement, can only be made possible when you surround yourself with other professionals equally as dedicated as you are, and grant yourself the opportunity to have spontaneous interactions. Some of the best business ideas I’ve had come to me when I’m sitting amongst my team at 2 Oliver Street, or meeting people for lunch or for a casual dinner.

This unprompted, non-scripted style of interaction is not limited to internal LABUR associates either, it extends to the Strategic Advisors we engage, the client companies we partner with and every talented candidate that walks through our doors. I’m lucky to be surrounded by consummate professionals every day – an exposure by design and made possible only by making the drive.

Striking a work-life balance is a true achievement and sacrifices get made on both ends to make success possible in both areas. The perfect balance is a lifetime endeavor that I’ll personally never stop pursuing, even if that perfection turns out to just be an ideal.

This pursuit is why, on most days, you’ll find all of us at our desks before 7:30 and there long after 6:00. But it’s also why we have team outings throughout the year and frequently encourage everyone to take paid time off – not just by offering it but by supporting it with team effort. We also give free ‘LABUR’ days that don’t count against personal PTO balances but that the whole office takes off – like the week between Christmas and the New Year. We are the epitome of the old adage and ‘work hard to play hard.’

What has been true in my personal life has also proven to be true in my career and that is the importance of showing up, being present and giving your all – and it all starts first by making the drive.