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Introduction & History

An introduction and the history of LABUR

Founded in 2008, LABUR was established to be a trusted advisor to senior leaders in need of consultative IT services and solutions.

Through one body of work and relationship at a time, LABUR has proven to be the partner of choice to today’s top technologists and Fortune 500 firms, helping to solve complex enterprise-wide challenges through vision, strategy and execution.

In addition to domain expertise, LABUR is most known for the quality and depth of our relationships and service. Our unrelenting dedication and emphasis on the human and behavioral analysis of the partners we are in business with is part of our DNA and can be felt at every level and in every engagement. The subject matter experts and advisors found leading LABUR projects have an advanced level of emotional intelligence and professionalism. Like all of us representing the LABUR brand, they hold themselves accountable to a higher standard of work and expectation. This personal level of accountability is evident in every decision and deliverable, and ensures project success.

Like us, our solutions don’t quit; and we are committed to making a lasting impression, and imparting a legacy of realized results with every connection we make and every project we manage.

Our Mission

To fulfill an ignored gap between strategy and execution by providing our clients with solutions as well as access to an exclusive network of technology and business professionals that deliver. To create a lasting impression with our consultants and with our clients – a legacy of realized results.

Our Vision

To be the firm of choice for the most reputable and skilled talent. To seek and be sought after by companies looking for more than traditional staff augmentation or consulting; for those in need of a true partner.

Personal accountability is evident in every decision and deliverable. The LABUR Difference

Our Founders

LABUR was founded by two friends, competitive in everything they do, and passionate about business and the talent it takes to run one.

Darrin Lang and Seth Burr – their last names combining to form the name of the firm, LABUR – have pioneered the notion that technology combined with an actionable talent strategy creates the wins needed to compete and win in business today.