Job It Forward

We strongly believe in the old adage, that good people know good people.

As a highly specialized, senior-level consultant, we respect and admire your experience, your wealth of knowledge, and your network.

Which is why we’d like to ask you:

“Who are the best people you’ve worked with throughout your career?”

Who are the people who stood out to you? Maybe you worked with them twenty years ago, but their emotional intelligence and technical aptitude is something you still remember. Or, maybe you just recently worked with them, and they blew you away.

We want to know them too.

We offer friends of the firm a referral bonus of $1,000.00 for making an introduction to the IT professionals we end up working with. To make a recommendation, please call or email your LABUR point of contact.

Get inspired:

  • Have a look at the overview of our services to decide if you know someone we should know: Services
  • Check out the LABUR Career Portal for an active listing of job openings to see if you know someone with the skills we’re looking for: Career Portal

The fine print

To qualify, you must refer a candidate to LABUR who we have not spoken with in the last 6 months. If we hire your referral, you will be eligible for a one-time referral bonus (per referral) of $1,000.00 after he or she has completed 500 billable hours of work for LABUR. (Most candidates hit this mark within 90 days of being hired.) LABUR discretion applies.