Who are the best people you’ve worked with throughout your career?

We offer friends of the firm a referral bonus of $1,000.00 for making an introduction that leads to a successful engagement.

Get Inspired

  • Take a look at our services to decide if you know someone we should know: Services
  • Check out the LABUR Career Portal for an active listing of job openings to see if you know someone with the skills we’re looking for: Career Portal

The Fine Print

To qualify, you must refer a candidate to LABUR who we have not spoken with in the last 6 months. If we hire your referral, you will be eligible for a one-time referral bonus (per referral) of $1,000.00 after he or she has completed 500 billable hours of work for LABUR. LABUR discretion applies.

Know someone who might be interested? Make a recommendation by calling or emailing your LABUR point of contact.