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Providing domain expertise at the intersection of business initiatives and technology.

Learn more about how your organization can benefit from LABUR strategy, LABUR solutions and LABUR execution.

The LABUR Difference


Founded in 2008,

LABUR was established to be a trusted advisor to senior leaders in need of advisory services, project consulting and executive search.

Through one body of work and relationship at a time, LABUR has proven to be the partner of choice to today’s top technologists and Fortune 500 firms, helping to solve complex enterprise-wide challenges through vision, strategy and execution. In addition to domain expertise, LABUR is most known for the quality and depth of our relationships.

Like us, our solutions don’t quit. About LABUR

Our Services: Strategy

LABUR provides business and technology advisory services to those organizations needing a holistic, consultative solution.

To get anything done, you need the right mix of people, process and technology – and we help optimize all three.

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Our Services: Execution

To improve project execution and efficiency, LABUR provides highly tailored approaches to advisory services, project consulting and executive search.

We’re commonly engaged during several key phases of the software development life cycle – and provide domain expertise in critical areas of the project and application.

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IT Consulting: Career Portal

By leveraging a network of trusted consultants, LABUR partners with talent who supersede hard skills to include vetted soft skills.

We believe that talented people associate with other talented people; and that network – of like-minded, skilled individuals – is what we specialize in maintaining.

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As a new consultant, it was nice to know I had someone to “check in” with. I have support on both ends – from the client company and from LABUR – which is important to those of us on this side of the business.
Senior IT Consultant

Case Studies

Our domain expertise spans industries and crosses functionalities within the enterprise.

The breadth of our industry experience runs deep, but our approach is targeted. We apply relevant best practices and tactical experience without compromising the unique circumstances of each company and project.

Domain expertise at the intersection of business initiatives and technology. LABUR Case Studies

Our Approach

We lead with a dedication to service and an intrinsic passion for people.

Our Approach