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LABUR's Advisors led search efforts for the right SI vendor to implement Salesforce HealthCloud for a 30,000+ patient healthcare non-profit.

Business Challenge

Our non-profit healthcare provider client had known for some time that their legacy platform needed to be urgently upgraded to scale and offer many more patients their state-of-the-art care. An existing vendor had been working on a Salesforce-based solution, but with little progress to show. The parent company, a major healthcare provider, was not providing enterprise level support. With only a small team focused on the legacy technology, our client turned to LABUR for guidance: Why was the vendor not producing results? Was Salesforce the best solution for their patient care needs?  

Project Objective

LABUR Advisory assembled a small team experienced with healthcare processes, the Salesforce platform, major digital transformations, and the organizational and operational change journey required to achieve success. After the stalled implementation was formally halted, the team applied our proven vendor selection framework to evaluate solution options and recommended a comprehensive platform based on Salesforce HealthCloud. Using the same framework, the team guided the stakeholders through a system implementation (SI) vendor selection. 


With LABUR’s guidance, our client has successfully reinvigorated their digital transformation journey. Partnered with a fantastic system implementation team, they are solidly in the implementation phase of the new patient care platform and thrilled about the future digitally enabled user and patient experience. Our team continues to support the program helping to redesign and prepare the technology team to own and support the new platform, with organizational change management, and alignment with enterprise IT standards and processes.  

Established a sustainable technology roadmap to scale alongside organizational growth
Created a hiring and training framework to align with new technology plan
By design, the way LABUR is running their organization is very different from what I’ve seen in the market. It’s a long-burn model built on professionalism, relationships and trust. I hope they never change.
Senior IT Consultant

Case Studies

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