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LABUR Consultants successfully guided our life sciences client's transition to SAP, resulting in a scalable solution enhanced functionality, streamlined processes, and real-time insights for improved decision-making.

Business Challenge

A major life sciences organization had been running on a legacy ERP system and was in crucial need of an upgrade. The implementation and data migration was necessary for the firm to remain compliant and secure in addition to improving overall efficiency and optimization of business operations. Our client had contracted a large System Integrator on the project, but there remained certain skills gaps that could not be filled internally. These gaps required resources with unique domain expertise to configure various ERP modules to meet business needs and train users on how to best utilize the system.

Project Overview

LABUR's Consultants worked within the Commercial Operations team to guide and support the transition process with our expert Project Manager at the helm.

Our PowerBI Developers assisted the implementation through developing and creating reports from Cognos and QlikView legacy items. They provided valuable guidance in the optimization of PowerBI as well as support on pre-SAP reporting needs. Additionally, our Informatica Developers supported the critical conversion effort to transition data from the legacy ERP system to the new SAP platform and interface integrations with boundary applications.


In migrating data from the legacy ERP system to the new SAP platform, our client experienced a transformative shift in their enterprise operations. The implementation resulted in enhanced functionality and streamlined processes, significantly improving efficiency across various departments. With the adoption of SAP's advanced reporting and analytics capabilities, our client gained access to real-time insights, empowering better decision-making at all levels of the organization. Moreover, the transition to SAP ensured sustainable and scalable systems, capable of seamlessly adapting to changes as our client continues to grow.

Enhanced functionality and streamlined processes boosted efficiency across departments post-implementation.
Adoption of SAP's advanced reporting and analytics facilitated real-time insights, empowering better decision-making, while ensuring sustainable, scalable systems for future growth.
LABUR has solid relationships with senior leaders and it positioned me for success here. I am so grateful for my regular communication with them, specifically with Ken, and in LABUR I feel like I have a huge advocate.
Senior IT Consultant

Case Studies

Our expertise spans industries and crosses functionalities within the enterprise.

The breadth of our experience runs deep, but our approach is targeted. We apply relevant best practices and tactical experience without compromising the unique circumstances of each client and each engagement.