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Building Relationships and Fostering Growth: Inside the LABUR Care Team


When I started working at LABUR, the Care Team did not exist and I was stepping into my first job since graduating from college. I knew I loved working with people and LABUR stood out to me as a company I wanted to work for because of the high value placed on relationships and treating people well. I settled into being a Junior Associate focusing on meeting and keeping in touch with as many people as possible, sprinting to keep pace with LABUR’s growth.

As we expanded and began to work with more consultants, I was lucky enough to become more involved with the onboarding process and keeping in touch especially with new consultants. My role evolved into a dual role of both recruiting and onboarding and continued for about a year and a half before officially retiring from recruiting and joining the operations team full time.

Building a Legacy by Building Relationships

While the Care Team was technically in action for that year and a half, I like to think the true genesis of Care Team was just a few months ago when I was able to focus all of my energy and effort into the role. I am determined to raise the onboarding experience to meet the white-glove standard of all LABUR practices and I’m not stopping there. My role is to provide constant support for our consultants and my colleagues, creating the best LABUR experience possible across the board.

As such, my role is that of HR, sales and recruiting enablement, training, and more. My guiding questions, that I keep at the top of my plan every day, drive this mission:

  • How can I best support the delivery team in their efforts?
  • What value can I provide to current, past, and new consultants?
  • How can I improve the consultant experience?

My goal is to embody the LABUR spirit of treating humans well and doing things the right way, even if it is not always the easiest way.

Looking Towards the Future

The latest initiative of the Care Team has been reconnecting with our consultant network and building a community. Over the last 15 years, LABUR has had the pleasure of working with hundreds of industry leaders and skilled professionals, and I want to make sure we continue to maintain and build on those relationships, even if we are no longer working together.

In this spirit, we recently launched a LinkedIn Group to help create a space for all of our partners, which I am hopeful will offer both continued support in addition to fostering insightful and positive dialogue. I am also in the process of calling every consultant we have worked with in effort to do just this. Sometimes I just leave a message, but the times I am lucky enough to have a conversation always make my day. It’s a great reminder of the good LABUR has done and even years later our partners know and remember us. The feeling of mutual support and goodwill is really special, and in my mind, the epitome of LABUR’s mission.