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Business Strategy

Business Integrity: Getting Back to Basics


Integrity, while immeasurable, is a quality all employers and consumers are looking for today.

The evolution of business coupled with the availability of information in the digital age has led to a welcomed return to business being run with an understood level of integrity. While big-box stores still have a place, quality, truth and insight have replaced cheap, corporate and insincere.

Look at Dominos, for example. As a consumer, you expect the products and services you purchase to be backed by authenticity, honesty and integrity; you expect it in every communication, in all employees, every step of the way.

But not all businesses are run the same – because not all leaders are the same.

Business Integrity Starts with Personal Integrity

From new hires to the most tenured employees, business integrity is a bond that unites an organization. It’s the trust that allows coworkers to share workloads, confidential information and earning potential. It transcends skills and education and strengthens a product or service offering.

And, it must come from the top.

“The supreme quality for leadership is unquestionable integrity. Without it, no real success is possible, no matter whether it is on a section gang, a football field, in an army, or in an office.” — President Eisenhower

As an entrepreneur and business owner, there’s no greater executive quality than personal integrity.

“Your reputation and integrity are everything. Follow through on what you say you’re going to do. Your credibility can only be built over time, and it is built from the history of your words and actions.” — Maria Razumich-Zec, Regional Vice-President, The Hongkong and Shanghai Hotels

Then, you have to build a team of similar morals and value.

“In looking for people to hire, you look for three qualities: integrity, intelligence, and energy. And if they don’t have the first, the other two will kill you.” — Warren Buffet, CEO, Berkshire Hathaway

When I’ve heard business owners say they’ve been lucky to have great people working for them, I know it’s not luck. It’s strategy. It’s hiring selectively for people who share work ethic and integrity – and it’s a process we’ve tried, tested and trademarked at LABUR.

The supreme quality for leadership is unquestionable integrity. Without it, no real success is possible.
President Eisenhower

Hiring with LABURin2itive™

LABURin2itive™ was custom developed for “real-time sourcing” and is an alternative to the widely used bench model: a model used by our competitors who seek to deploy their next available candidate with little regard for the specific needs of a given project. LABURin2itive™ is a proprietary, values-based methodology that uses big data analytics to connect the best talent with prospective clients. Utilizing relationship-based data points, LABURin2itive™ is a synergistic matching process unparalleled in the marketplace. It is founded in the beliefs and best practices of myself and fellow LABUR co-founder, Darrin Lang, and our strong belief in the Golden Rule – the consummate reciprocal relationship.

"Utilizing relationship-based data points, LABURin2itive™ is a synergistic matching process unparalleled in the marketplace."

The “2” in LABURin2itive™ refers to those two parties that are paramount to a perfect placement: the top caliber consultant and the world-class company. LABUR’s success is predicated on its relationship-based emphasis with both parties. It is our belief that human value, character and integrity are what separate a successful individual from another. LABUR is an advocate of those people who exude the tangible soft skills and experience that make all the difference between success and failure. In addition to our relationship-based methodology, our rich data analytics platform allows us to target a broad population of consultants – both passive and active – and vet those hard and soft skills in order to present our clients with the best talent in an accelerated timeframe. LABURin2itive™ identifies the best available talent – with precision and speed – and ultimately allows us to leave a legacy of realized results for our clients and their business.