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Podcast Episode 3: Ownership and Accountability


In episode three of the LABUR podcast series, “Bigger Isn’t Better, Better Is Better,” we cover ownership and accountability.

When organizations get into ‘get stuff done’ (GSD) mode, reactionary decision-making does not account for scale, quality or ownership, all of which are critical to project and long-term success.

Traditionally, when a third party gets hired, risk mitigation is left ‘with someone else,’ and the mentality is that ‘they (the third party) have it.’ Some organizations don’t want to get involved or get in the weeds, they just want to know when the project is done and when the deliverables have been met. But that level of ownership, or lack thereof, almost certainly leads to issues down the road.

Join Darrin Lang, CEO and Co-Founder of LABUR, along with Marc Parmet, LABUR Strategic Advisor, and Matthew Leathers, LABUR Advisory Services Practice Lead, for a thoughtful discussion on all things ownership and why accountability matters so much, especially in IT.

Listen to Episode 1 – The Decision-Making Paradigm and Episode 2 – You Get What You Pay For.

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