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Why a Staffing & Managed Service Partner is the Most Strategic Business Decision You Will Ever Make


Staffing and managed service providers are nothing new, but their importance has never been so critical. Businesses, from startups to Fortune 500s, all have a common line item they’re trying to control: IT costs. With a global, digital reach, the IT cost of doing business today means having to secure data and network infrastructure, all while remaining compliant with regulatory demands. The nature of this work is not only complex, it’s crucial.

Properly managing these data and business applications so fundamental to a business is not only time consuming, but it also draws on budget.

So how do you do it all? How do you remain compliant, maintain cyber security and meet business goals? You partner with a strategic staffing and managed service provider that can do it all.

Here are a few benefits to keep in mind:

Unparalleled talent and service. IT projects do not always require full-time, permanent resources. Not to mention, the budget that goes into one person could be dedicated to a team of highly specialized professionals, individuals specifically assigned to complete time sensitive projects with speed and precision. Working with a managed service provider with the staffing capabilities to identify the right resources for your project can be the difference between scraping by each year and surpassing business goals.

Mitigated risk and business continuity. “Hope is not a strategy.” No truer words have been spoken, especially when it comes to IT and business initiatives. A haphazard approach to critical IT projects can mean huge fines and other penalties, not to mention the exposure it opens your business and data up to. Utilizing business and technology experts like LABUR enables the business continuity required to protect your assets, all while mitigating risk and streamlining IT initiatives and costs.

Dedicated, scalable staffing and managed services solutions. With managed services onsite, offsite and hybrid options of the two, LABUR provides business and technology advisory services to those clients needing a holistic consulting and staffing solution. Most notably, our successful track record includes helping clients with ERP and CRM projects, IT infrastructure upgrades, mobility initiatives and big data planning and development.

What’s your biggest IT business initiative this year?