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Managing the Merger of Two Global Pharmaceutical Mega Powers

Joint Venture of Two Global Pharmaceutical Competitors

Client Profile:

Two large, independent pharmaceutical companies, both with locations around the world


Business Challenge:

Two pharmaceutical companies were exploring ways to identify synergies among their teams through either the exchange of divisions or joint venture arrangements.


Setting up a joint venture or exchanging assets within the ever-changing regulatory climate of the pharmaceutical industry, the two companies needed help managing this exploration so they could maintain day-to-day operations.


Project Overview:

  • LABUR first built partnerships in key areas of both businesses: technology, business planning and analysis, reporting and finance. 
  • LABUR then deployed two consultants with strong pharmaceutical industry experience, merger and acquisition competency and finance and accounting expertise. These subject matter experts were also well-versed in audit, compliance, reporting and technology systems.
  • Proposing the experts to use in order to gather requirements, work with developers to configure applications and provide user support through go-live, LABUR developed timelines for budgets, reports, data exchanges and outlined the new organizational structure.


Delivered Results:

The two pharmaceutical companies were able to maintain day-to-day activities and meet business deadlines, all while upholding their commitment to an efficient transformation and re-alignment of divisions.


This transaction allowed the companies to build global leadership in key segments and refocus their portfolios to improve efficiencies and operation results. Under the agreement, the companies exchanged divisions and created a joint venture, establishing a leading worldwide consumer healthcare business.


In addition, both companies realized improved financial strength, increased growth rates and better margins.