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Client Profile

Leading Beverage Company

Business Challenge

Two years after the acquisition of another leading beverage company, the client wanted a clearer understanding of the applications and systems they had bought, the cost of the application portfolio to the business and to rationalize operating efficiencies post-acquisition. Additionally, a clear and unified IT roadmap was needed to help align staff and resources of seven distinct internal IT functions.

Project Objective

To overcome the business challenges, as detailed above, LABUR first rationalized the application landscape from 900 to 600. After taking inventory of the applications, systems and IT resources, an application portfolio management (APM) project plan was developed. LABUR’s Advisory Services then identified which applications and systems were critical to business operations by defining the cost, identifying the value and assessing risk. Of the 600 applications, 350 were identified as business critical.

The application and systems portfolio was then streamlined to make way for true post-M&A digital transformation, speeding up operating efficiencies and paving the way for future acquisitions. LABUR then prioritized the alignment of seven different IT functions with differing agendas and application and system priorities, which ultimately meant realizing operational efficiencies with downstream business impacts and unifying an incredibly complex IT function.

Throughout the project, LABUR worked collaboratively with onshore and offshore vendors as well as 60+ internal executives and key stakeholders, including presenting one-on-one to the CIO on a reoccurring basis. Additionally, LABUR assisted with the onboarding of vendors and other outside resources on an as needed basis, as well as served as a mentor to the IT team in order to shift the focus from order taker to true IT business partner.

Delivered Results

“We’re trying to create independence. We’re not looking to stick around and solve the same problem over and over again.”

– IT Cost Rationalization Specialist, LABUR Advisor

Over the next 3 years, over 20 percent of the business-critical application structure will turn over, resulting in a savings of $6 million.
Aligned seven disparate IT functions to include applications, systems and resources, resulting in operational efficiencies and preparing the business for future M&A success.
As a new consultant, it was nice to know I had someone to “check in” with. I have support on both ends – from the client company and from LABUR – which is important to those of us on this side of the business.
Senior IT Consultant

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