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Client Profile

Multi-billion-dollar international medical devices and life sciences company

Business Challenge

Global outages caused by inefficient enterprise infrastructure monitoring and resolution processes were impacting customers, including doctors, patients, and those using the medical devices manufactured by the company, including pacemakers and stints. Monitoring and improved tracking was desperately needed for quality and safety.

Project Overview

Applications and infrastructure monitoring, including servers, databases, websites, and connections to other integrated applications, was done to reduce the number and time of outages. This included monitoring of corporate and manufacturing systems, 24+ international data centers, networks, and storage.

After documentation and requirements gathering was complete, upgrades were made to the company’s infrastructure to decrease tool management and the instances of monitoring configurations.

Delivered Results

LABUR delivered the client the ability to efficiently monitor traditional, dynamic, public, including integrated applications, and private infrastructure environments and the services running on them to increase their customer experience and safety when using their devices.

A new intake request module improved infrastructure tracking and documentation, resulting in improved turnaround times to resolve outages and other service issues.

Improved ability to monitor infrastructure performance, including cloud-based technologies and applications, and physical and virtual servers
Decreased outage instances and duration, resulting in improved customer experience
LABUR has solid relationships with senior leaders and it positioned me for success here. I am so grateful for my regular communication with them, specifically with Ken, and in LABUR I feel like I have a huge advocate.
Senior IT Consultant

Case Studies

Our domain expertise spans industries and crosses functionalities within the enterprise.

The breadth of our industry experience runs deep, but our approach is targeted. We apply relevant best practices and tactical experience without compromising the unique circumstances of each company and project.