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Client Profile

Global education non-profit headquartered in Massachusetts

Business Challenge

Multiple departments across a global non-profit were storing their own business-critical data in various backend systems that were not all integrated. In order to improve and leverage the data being input, the non-profit needed a full backend integration of the various systems, which included Salesforce, Workday, and Business Intelligence software. With the current fragmentation, they were not effectively managing volunteer resources, including monitoring training, nor were they able to properly identify high-risk communities in the most need of their services.

Project Overview

LABUR first identified the deliverables of the integration, including strategic, i.e. data governance, and tactical, i.e. integration requirements. The operational strategy, i.e. vendor selection, was not to change from the existing cloud-based providers – including Salesforce, Workday, and SAP Business Objects. Change management identified impacts to business users and a communication and training schedule was established.

LABUR consultants also supported the client’s development of organizational readiness with the non-profit’s leadership team and its members. This initiative was maintained through the completion of the integration and included tracking feedback, documenting work completed, and recording business processes.

Delivered Results

In addition to the multi-system integration, LABUR created a successful roadmap for the non-profit, including documenting their protocols and creating a continuing learning and development program based on findings made possible for the integration of all of their data.

Single dashboard display with data from all backend systems – Salesforce, Workday, SAP Business Objects
Backed by integrated data, the learning and development program that was established ultimately boosted volunteerism for the non-profit
We have a very specific vision for not just what we want to get done but how we want to get it done. Darrin and his team took the time to understand that... They get what we’re trying to do here. They understand our environment.
VP of IT, Global Software Company

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