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Client Profile

Two large, independent pharmaceutical companies; worldwide locations

Business Challenge

Pre-close to the merger of two global pharmaceutical companies, both parties were exploring ways to identify synergies among their teams through either the exchange of divisions or joint venture arrangements.

Exchanging assets or setting up a joint venture while remaining compliant with pharmaceutical regulations was a top priority. Both companies needed pharmaceutical merger experience and technology expertise to manage the exploration, while not disrupting day-to-day operations.

Project Overview

Bringing LABUR in pre-close allowed for synergies to be identified early. Rules of engagement were established to gather requirements from both companies separately. Integration steps were established, as well as cross-functional teams. Diligent data gathering and analysis in audit, compliance, reporting, and technology systems was completed to assess the merger in core areas of operation.

LABUR worked to gather business and technology requirements to assess and plan for operations post-merger, including configuring applications to properly route for data exchanges. A new organizational structure was outlined, as well as budget and timelines for delivery, including user support through go-live.

Delivered Results

The pre-close foundational support LABUR provided identified synergy opportunities on multiple levels of business operations for both pharmaceutical companies. Day-to-day activities were not disrupted, and an efficient transformation and alignment of divisions was completed. The efficiency of this transaction as streamlined by LABUR allowed the two companies to jointly identify a total global leadership footprint and organization chart.

Key segments were identified though the data management exchange to refocus the combined portfolios, resulting in improved efficiencies and operational results
Within the first 12 months of merging, the company realized financial growth and improved margins
LABUR has solid relationships with senior leaders and it positioned me for success here. I am so grateful for my regular communication with them, specifically with Ken, and in LABUR I feel like I have a huge advocate.
Senior IT Consultant

Case Studies

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