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Client Profile

Fortune 500 Global Life Sciences Firm

Business Challenge

After growing through a major acquisition, a medical company was in the process of enhancing and reconfiguring their SAP landscape. Maintenance and enhancements had become difficult to do in their instance of SAP.

A group of developers and an architect were tackling the SAP project but there was no accountability lead or strategic thinker at the helm. The client needed a resource to rationalize the current scope, manage the deployment schedule and team, and create a project plan so as to avoid any unnecessary rework. After this gap was identified, the client realized they needed an independent, unbiased expert opinion; someone to come in and digest all of the technical updates and spearhead business stakeholder relations while assisting with all major course corrections as they globally rolled out updates to SAP.

Project Objective

The primary project objective was to implement a host of backlogged prioritized enhancements to the client’s existing SAP landscape; some were small, some were large, and some were business critical, including international customs requirements for medical devices being shipped worldwide. Prior to reconfiguring their instance of SAP, the client had medical devices in holding on loading docks for up to a year due to problems with their SAP system and processing.

The multi-million-dollar enhancements made to the existing SAP system were designed to enable the client’s supply chain to better service internal and external business customers. Additionally, architectural changes were needed to help facilitate future enhancements; if core updates were not made during this reconfiguration project, the client would not be able to effectively react to other changes needed in the future.

Delivered Results

The solution and services provided were executed based on the SAP roadmap created by LABUR. This roadmap and associated delivery planning included all the enhancements that were identified as business needs today and that needed to be made in order to successfully and efficiently modify the client’s instance of SAP in the future.

Executed the roadmap of enhancements and realized pre-identified benefits, including optimizing the client’s manufacturing facilities by decreasing the delay times for products to reach clients.
Enabled the client’s ability to deploy SAP globally, including in North America, EMEA and APAC; created a sustainable, optimized process for all manufacturing sites.
I always appreciate LABUR’s continued effort to search and screen high quality resources for us!
Stakeholder, Leading Life Sciences Firm

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