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Client Profile

Large medical devices company headquartered in Boston, MA

Business Challenge

A global medical devices company needed an end-to-end, newly released version of a finance application designed to pay vendors on time, and accurately. The installation of a vendor invoice management (VIM) application was unable to be done with a traditional upgrade because the VIM application currently being used lacked an upgrade path from version 5.0 to 7.0.

Project Overview

LABUR worked with key stakeholders to identify project objectives and define a scope of work, including conducting all requirements gathering. Working with in-house developers and consultants to the project to configure the application, LABUR provided domain expertise from project scope and requirements through user support after go-live. In addition, LABUR helped stabilize the implementation, providing user assistance and testing, as well as categorizing and providing a ranking system for support requests from users and business units post-go-live.

Delivered Results

The client was able to gain business efficiency by installing the latest version of the vendor invoice management application without disruption. SAP/VIM implementation resulted in operational and resources cost savings for the client, including optimizing invoice management accuracy and efficiency.

Automation and increased efficiency in vendor management and process
Full ERP system integration for ease of use and fluency among business units
LABUR doesn't push people. They’re making real connections and I wish the world had more people who understand that. It’s not about checking boxes. Everyone at LABUR should feel very proud.
Senior IT Consultant

Case Studies

Our domain expertise spans industries and crosses functionalities within the enterprise.

The breadth of our industry experience runs deep, but our approach is targeted. We apply relevant best practices and tactical experience without compromising the unique circumstances of each company and project.