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Client Profile

Manufacturer of Medical Devices

Business Challenge

Multi-year, long-term change management project was lacking technical resources needed to optimize global ServiceMax delivery, specifically for the Capital Equipment and Field Services divisions of the company.

Project Overview

To deliver value to the healthcare facilities utilizing the manufacturer’s medical devices, while maintaining compliance requirements and finding new ways to be more profitable, the ServiceMax optimization project set out to provide more timely service delivery, improve access to more accurate data and capture revenue opportunities. ServiceMax was chosen to provide executive leadership with profitable data points by tracking sales leads throughout the global organization. Increased visibility into service operations – and across databases – meant architecting specifications, models and guidelines to optimize the client’s use of ServiceMax.

Delivered Results

LABUR provided architectural and development talent to execute and stabilize the client’s change management project, and expand the functionality of ServiceMax for several of the company’s business units.

Out of the project, a $3 million cost savings has been realized so far
Best practices were documented and training was provided to support new product launches and procedures through ServiceMax
LABUR has been a family for me in more ways than one, and while I’m stepping out to go lead a family business, the relationships and values I gained from working here will always be with me.
Former LABUR Associate

Case Studies

Our domain expertise spans industries and crosses functionalities within the enterprise.

The breadth of our industry experience runs deep, but our approach is targeted. We apply relevant best practices and tactical experience without compromising the unique circumstances of each company and project.