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LABUR's Advisor ultimately became the full-time CTO who continues to guide this effort.

Business Challenge

As a leader in the field, our client had historically prioritized geographic and services expansion at such a rapid pace that scaling their technology capabilities could not keep up.

What would a modern platform look like, feel like? What type of investment would it require? What are the benefits, the ROI? What would such a journey look like? What made sense for them?

This large-scale effort led to an overwhelming number of questions that was further complicated by equally overwhelming advice from the incumbent consultancy.

Project Objective

LABUR's Advisory Services practice simplified these technology questions, untangled the core complexities, and renewed focus on what is practical, necessary and reasonable that also makes sense to this client's unique situation.

Our interim-turned-full-time CTO requested a program delivery team to support this ongoing journey. With LABUR's assistance in establishing the vision of a solid future state, our advisors created a path to identify suitable technologies and partners including business case and project finances.  LABUR's team continues to support the effort including facilitating the vendor selection process as neutral and discerning partners.


Our client is well underway on the digital transformation journey, confident in the effort, aware of the required commitment, and excited about the benefits. LABUR's Advisors and Consultants continue to guide the effort, train and educate, and help the client build core capabilities.

Additionally, our business case model, vendor selection method, and program management expertise are now supporting other mission-critical initiatives within the organization including an RPA program as well as infrastructure projects.

Strategic Advisor hired full-time to client’s Senior Leadership team.
Five Strategic Advisors assisting in the ongoing transformation effort.
Honestly, I thought I was taking a risk going with a smaller firm, but their team and the roles they brought me were 100% from day one. I would highly recommend LABUR to anyone in my network. Thank you so much for your awesome team!
Former LABUR Consultant

Case Studies

Our expertise spans industries and crosses functionalities within the enterprise.

The breadth of our experience runs deep, but our approach is targeted. We apply relevant best practices and tactical experience without compromising the unique circumstances of each client and each engagement.