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Client Profile

Global medical devices company

Business Challenge

The client’s legacy software was not global or uniformed across the company – some regions were still manually using Excel spreadsheets to manage their contracts, scheduling, and parts – and they did not have the objects in place to integrate ServiceMax efficiently.

Due to the client’s validated operating environment, it was critical that ServiceMax be implemented in compliance with industry regulations, including those by the FDA.

Project Overview

Implementation to the field service management system was completed to standardize the company’s management of their contracts, scheduling, and parts through the use of ServiceMax. Roll-out of ServiceMax to the client’s field also included a custom iPad application for the company’s end users. LABUR assisted in globally aligning the client’s process for parts inventory and translated their business requirements into ServiceMax objects.

Delivered Results

​​LABUR successfully implemented ServiceMax, including a customized iPad application for the client’s internal end users. The implementation included customized integration framework, a customer service module, and a complaint notification system, all of which was government compliant to maintain the client’s validated environment standards.

On-time, on-budget ($5M+) global implementation and successful ServiceMax roll-out
Streamlined and increased efficiency across the enterprise for the management of contracts, scheduling, and inventory
Honestly, I thought I was taking a risk going with a smaller firm, but their team and the roles they brought me were 100% from day one. I would highly recommend LABUR to anyone in my network. Thank you so much for your awesome team!
Former LABUR Consultant

Case Studies

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