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Client Profile

Global medical devices company

Business Challenge

A global medical device company was using multiple, internally-developed systems that were not integrated with one another. The legacy systems required a lot of manual intervention to produce reports and to transfer data. SAP had been implemented as a worldwide ERP solution for the client, however, the integration was incomplete. With a rapidly approaching go-live date and a growing concern about the potential negative impact to end users and business units, the client lacked internal domain expertise and resources to complete the upgrade successfully and on time.

Project Overview

LABUR worked with stakeholders to assess the testing needed to deliver the ECC 6.0 upgrade and implementation by the go-live date. With the implementation of SAP Financials, LABUR was able to centralize what previously had been a significant amount of manual testing being done offshore. Through the use of a defined scope of work and dedicated LABUR consultants, LABUR delivered user acceptance testing and a quality assurance testing solution, replacing several of the manual offshore tests with more efficient, accurate, and automated tests and results.

Delivered Results

Once the SAP implementation, and upgrade in some instances, was complete, the client benefited from enhanced features, better control over their ERP environment, and a more streamlined flow of data from multiple sources and systems. In addition to integrated reporting, the testing results LABUR streamlined allowed for the globalization of the total ERP project to continue as planned.

Reduced project operating costs by eliminating the expensive and inefficient use of offshore testing
Instead of manual interventions to transfer data, the client now has a proper and holistic ERP system communicating globally and across all business units
LABUR has solid relationships with senior leaders and it positioned me for success here. I am so grateful for my regular communication with them, specifically with Ken, and in LABUR I feel like I have a huge advocate.
Senior IT Consultant

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